Safety engineering Seminar at HORN Glass Industries AG

On 6th December 2016 HORN Glass Industries AG held its first safety engineering seminar at their headquarters in Plößberg. 

Markus Kick, Functional Safety Manger Automation welcomed participants from all over the world.

The reason behind the seminar was to demonstrate and explain the meaning of “Functional Safety” to the customers

according to latest European directive for thermoprocessing equipment DIN EN 746-2.

Markus Kick:” The industry is definitely more aware and concerned about safety than in the past. Our major goal is to ensure

that all the workers understand the connections and demands on the design of protective systems. We describe which steps

are possible and necessary in order to operate a safe furnace in different operating modes e.g. in high- and/ or also low demand

range, independently from the manufacturer.”

By holding seminars worldwide HORN Glass Industries AG wants to support and educate their customers to succeed their goals.

This is HORNS highest priority. Markus Kick: „Particularly with regard to safety technologies we want to demonstrate how to run the

furnaces at every time under all topical directives and latest standards introduced by HORN’s department “Safety Engineering.”

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