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This HORN distributor channel design is an up to date modern construction employing all today’s techniques, like high quality refractory material, direct and indirect air cooling systems as well as radiation cooling equipment, to achieve optimum thermal homogeneity combined with minimum energy requirement.

The superstructure modules of the Distributor are designed to obtain best influences from the combustion system and the cooling system onto the glass. The combustion system is characterised by its long-lasting reliability in any operational situation and includes the constant ratio CORA system for optimum air/gas mixture.

The cooling system is designed to obtain high radiation before the glass flows into the Forehearth’s entrance. In special cases as short distance or high pull additional effective direct and/or indirect air cooling systems are applied.

  • width from 500 mm up to 1.500 mm (> 1.300 mm with restricted entrance)
  • length individually adapted to the available space and the amount of connected forehearths
  • differentiated control sections for accurate temperature adjustment
    optimally calculated distances from the furnace centerline to each
    forehearth to minimize the risk of current short-circuiting and to
  • optimize the forehearth entrance temperature
  • higher superstructure at the entrance zone – crown execution
  • different kind of refractory material
  • narrowed entrance to minimize glass level fluctuations
  • Glass bath depth:
    flint glass 600 mm up to 800 mm at the entrance area
    green and amber glass 450 mm up to 550 mm
  • graded glass bath depth to obtain the optimal residence time for each forehearth
  • Cooling systems:
    • radiation openings
    • direct cooling system (left & right at the entrance zone)
    • indirect cooling system (installed as top or bottom cooling)



 accurate conditioning and temperature adjustment
 cooling by radiation, direct and indirect air
 individual design according local conditions and specific glass requirement
 vblind connection for the subsequent installation of an additional forehearth possible
 opening available for our glass level measurement “Optibeam”

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