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The HORN DUALFLAME MC gas burner is installed as an underport-burner in cross fired or end fired regenerative furnaces. Its design enables the furnace operator to adjust the flame formation smoothly within a wide range – from short and sharp to long and soft – by using two separate gas nozzles in one burner. The gas quantity flow in each nozzle can be controlled manually at the rear part of the burner. Thus the flame can be adjusted in that way to achieve optimum results in terms of flame length, energy and NOx-emission.

With the DUALFLAME burner both the velocity of the gas as well as the type of streaming, from laminar to turbulent, can be controlled. If the fuel throughput remains the same, the velocity and mixing impulses can be varied as desired. This is achieved by way of two separate nozzles inside the burner lance. The gas quantity for each nozzle can be controlled. Consequently the

velocity is amended at the exit of the burner and consequently the flame length. This can be done by one manual adjusting wheel at the rear part of the burner. Maintaining the entire gas quantity needed in the interior nozzle will create high gas velocity and thus a very long flame. Distributing the gas quantity to both the interior and outside nozzle will reduce the flame length. The adjustable gas velocity can vary e.g. between values of < 20 m/s and >200 m/s.

A second manual hand wheel is situated at the rear part of the burner in order to adjust the position of the inner nozzle toward the outer nozzles Thus the mixing impulse of both gas streams can be optimized to suit the furnace conditions. Adjusting the position of the interior nozzle will amend the annular gap towards the outside nozzle. In case the interior nozzle is drawn back, the kinetic energy of the gas will be reduced and consequently the mixing impulse of both the inner and outer gas streams will be reduced, thus producing a wide and soft flame. On the other hand, a sharp and strong flame can be achieved by reducing the annular gap of inner and outer nozzles when moving the inner nozzles forward.

With this technical solution, the operator is able to adjust the flame formation smoothly to suit the conditions of the furnace layout and of the melting technology, without being forced to change the nozzle itself! The hot spot of the glass melt can be stabilized with the optimal

length of the flame. Furthermore NOx formation is minimized by the correct mixing impulse of the two gas streams coming from the burner nozzles.

The burner can be installed in regenerative end fired furnaces, cross fired furnaces, float glass furnaces as well as recuperative furnaces. Different types of gases can also be utilized. Natural gas, bio gas or LPG/air-mixture can be used with this burner.

The DUALFLAME burner is equipped with a compressed air connection which is used for cooling purposes during non operation of the burner. Both the compressed air connection and the gas connection are made by way of a quick-release coupling.

Model                      Max. capacity             Gas attachment
MC 200                    200m³n/h                     DN 50, R 2“
MC 500                    500m³n/h                     DN 65, R 2 ½“
MC 700                    700m³n/h                     DN 80, R3“

 precise adjustment of flame formation by manual adjusting wheels at the rear part of the burner
 comfortable control of velocity and mixing impulse from outside without nozzle
 low NOx formation
 for underport installation at cross fired and end fired
 for natural gas, LPG air mixture or biogas

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