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The HORN MOB burner for oil is installed as underport burner in cross fired or end fired regenerative furnaces. The burner is able to operate with different type and quality of oil available in different areas of the world. Its design is characterized by two burner nozzles, one for oil and one for compressed air. It enables the furnace operator to adjust the flame formation in two ways: the dimension of the oil nozzle and the dimension of the air nozzle.

The HORN oil burner MOB allows the furnace operator to adjust the flame shape by the dimension of the two available nozzles – one for oil and one for compressed air.

Air nozzle
The air nozzle cross-section has to be designed according to the available oil viscosity, the atomizing compressed air pressure and the desired flame length on site. Depending on the oil viscosity and the desired sharpness of the flame, the atomizing air consumption is between 0,2 – 0,5 Nm³/kg fuel. The available air pressure should have about 2,5 – 3,5 bar.

Oil nozzle
Dimensioning of the oil nozzle depends on the oil quantity, oil viscosity and type of atomizing air. In the case of atomization by compressed air only, the working pressure of the oil is relatively low, which amounts to 0,3 – 2,0 bar in the oil nozzle area, according to the root form of the flame. The oil outlet stream should come out of the oil nozzle with a moderate outlet velocity.

The higher the difference between the oil velocity and the compressed air stream, the more effective the atomizing effect. Normally, the difference velocity between oil stream and compressed air amounts to approx. 200 m/s.

The compressed air necessary for the atomization of 1 kg fuel oil can differ considerably, depending on furnace design and oil quality. It can be between 0,2 – 0,5 Nm³/kg oil.

Flame adjustment
The fine-tuning of the nozzles can only take place at the individual melting ends on site due to various influencing factors. Therefore it is necessary to start with the smallest basic nozzle and to increase the drilling step by step after the evaluation of the achieved waste gas values until the best possible results are attained. Therefore the values of exhaust gas temperature, exhaust gas O2 content, exhaust gas CO and NOx or NO2 values (at 8 % O2 in the exhaust gas) have to be supervised in order to optimize the flame step by step until the measuring values cannot be improved further.
With this flame adjustment, the melting process and the glass quality can be improved while having the lowest possible energy consumption!

The oil connection and the atomizing air connection of the MOB burner are made by way of a quick-release coupling.


 smooth adjustment of flame formation by different air and oil nozzles
 suitable for Heavy oil or Light oil
 oil atomizing with compressed air or natural gas
 low NOx formation
 for underport installation at cross fired and end fired furnaces or as air casing burner

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