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The Gas / Air Mixture burner is typically used together with the gas station “CORA” to heat the glass distribution channel and forehearths. The Gas / Air Mixture burners are installed along the length of the distributor and forehearth side wall with a distance of 114 mm between burners.

The burners are made of steel with either a steel nozzle or ceramic nozzle at the front. The nozzles are designed for a maximum gas flow of 0,7 Nm³/h and minimum gas flow of 0,07 Nm³/h. Natural gas, LPG or city gas can be used.


Gas-Air-Mixture Burner

Output in KW:
70 KW

max. Gas quantity:
0,7m³ n/h

min. Gas quantity:
0,07m³ n/h

  •  steel or ceramic burner nozzles available
  •  firing with natural gas, LPG or city gas
  •  robust and long durability
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