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To get most advantage and efficiency of the PLC control system at a glass melting tank, HORN provides SCADA systems with application software (Win CC).

The system is planned to serve one furnace including Distributor/Forehearths on the basis of a SOFTWARE CONTROL. The Software is installed and configured according to customer requirements. Means the coloured graphics showing layout of Melting End and Distributor/Forehearths with animations, like controllers, or alarms, etc. are created by our engineers exactly to the need of the user. So customer requests and special demands to the process can individually be integrated.

The control and supervisory on PC-basis is provided with operation system Windows 7 and with the individually configurable visualisation system Win CC. The PC-stations are connected to the PLC-unit of the Melting End /Distributor / Forehearths . Thus enable the user to operate the whole Furnace / Distributor / Forehearth system most user friendly and convenient via the PC station.  However the PLC can runs the process independently of the PC. This means that the PC also can be temporarily out of order without stopping the process.

Alarm management allows to indicate exceeding values and malfunction failures on the monitor and printer. Further WinCC files the signals and puts them selectively to operators disposal. The reporting system informs the operator about intervention process and system signals in the past.

Measuring values, e.g. temperature curves can be stored easily and reconstructed during later production again.

Three different password protected access levels guarantees protection from misusing. The System can be designed network capable when it is equipped with a Web-Access-Server.

  • Individual designed graphical layouts
  • Easily all parameters can be monitored and changed on the PC. Historical data’s for analysis are available for any period and any scale as convenient.
  • Recording, supervision and operation of temperature and consumption signals
  • Control of motor drives at fans and flaps for combustion air, cooling air and furnace pressure
  • Control of valves and slides for reversing process and fuel control
  • Control of batch charger for glass level control
  • Supervision of switch positions and signals for alarm management
  • Realisation of shift protocols
  • Indication of consumptions and temperature history

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SCADA - Computer Supervisor systemSCADA - Computer Supervisor system


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