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The HORN vibratory batch charger HVR is a solid and long reliable charger for cold batch into side or end fired furnaces. The charger can be used therefore at regenerative, recuperative or oxy-fuel furnaces with lateral or frontal, open doghouse.

The principle of operation is to feed the batch via a vibratory chute into the doghouse and push it via a water cooled paddle onto the glass surface into the furnace. Therefore the batch is evenly spread on the vibrating chute with the help of a small batch hopper. The end piece of the vibrating chute is made of heat resistant steel and is exchangeable.

A water-cooled paddle is situated at the end of the oscillating charging chute. The paddle pushes the batch evenly from the vibrating chutes into the glass melting end and creates batch piles. Thus increase the melting of the batch. The speed of the pusher is inverter-controlled. The stroke length and the submersion depth of the pushers can be adjusted manually. The movement of the paddle is carried out by a lever system to which a continuous controllable gearbox motor is connected.

The batch charger is fixed to a moveable carriage with a rotary frame. The frame turns on ball bearings which are fixed between the frame and the carriage. The slewing motion of the rotating frame is caused by

a controllable pneumatic cylinder. The rotation of the charger improves the distribution of the batch piles inside the tank and increases the melting of the batch.

The charger has to be installed in front of an open doghouse. To close the doghouse a heat shield, in combination with a refractory doghouse hood, brings about the sealing of the doghouse whereby secondary air supply is eliminated. The heat shield also protects the batch charger from too much heat radiation.

  •  Reduction of the amount of dust by batch piles
  •  Reduction of heat loss due to thermal heat shield
  •  Durability due to stable construction, utilization of high quality components and excellent workmanship
  •  Increased melting rate by means of melting of smaller portions of mixture and uniform distribution via swing gear

Technical specifications

Type HVR 250 F HVR 300 F HVR 400 F HVR 500 F HVR 600 F
Size of chut (top/bottom) [mm] 250 / 150 300 / 200 400 / 300 500 / 400 600/500
Capacity [t/day]          
Pusher strokes [Strokes/min] 2,2 - 16 2,2 - 16 2,2 – 16 2,9 – 16 2,9 - 16
Cooling water requirement [l/min-1] 10 – 14 12 – 16 16 – 20 20 – 26 26 - 32



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