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The HORN vibratory batch charger HVR 700F-2P is a solid and long reliable charger for preheated and non-preheated batch into side or end fired furnaces. The charger can be used therefore at regenerative, recuperative or oxy-fuel furnaces with lateral or frontal, open doghouse.

The principle of operation is to feed the batch via a lengthwise separated vibratory chute into the doghouse and push it via two water cooled paddles onto the glass surface into the furnace. The end piece of the vibrating chute, which is made of heat resistant steel, is water cooled and is exchangeable.

The paddles push the batch evenly from the vibrating chute into the glass melting end and create batch piles. Thus increase the melting of the batch. The two water-cooled pushers can be operated in three modes. The pushers can work absolute synchronised or synchronised but 180° shifted
or independent. The speed of each pusher is inverter-controlled. The stroke length and the submersion depth of each pusher can be adjusted manually.

Compared to the other HVR type chargers the HVR 700F-2P charger is mounted on a rigid construction without rotation to distribute the batch inside the tank. The batch distribution inside the tank is executed by the two individual adjustable pusher paddles.

This rigid construction allows better sealing of the doghouse by a refractory lined metal hood and a straight heat-shield at the charger front. The construction reduces the heat loss at the doghouse and increases the temperature inside. This already causes pre-glazing of the batch inside the doghouse, which allows the use of preheated and non-preheated batch due to the reduced batch dusting.

The better sealed doghouse eliminates secondary air supply and reduces energy consumption. The heat shield also protects the batch charger from too much heat radiation by reinforced insulation.

  •  Durability due to stable construction, utilization of high quality components and excellent workmanship
  •  The elimination of the rotary motion allows better sealing of the doghouse and thereby less excess air from outside into the furnace
  •  Temperature rises in the doghouse enabling to use preheated and non-preheated batch due to    lower batch carry-over NOx emission is reduced
    •  Furnace energy consumption decreases
  •  Influencing the batch by way of the asynchronous adjustable pushers
  •  Reduced wear and tear due to fewer mechanical parts
  •  vFast paddle change within 20 minutes

Technical specifications

Type HVR 700 F
Size of chut (top/bottom) [mm] 2 x 300 / 200
Capacity [t/day] up to 450
Pusher strokes [Strokes/min] 3-16
Cooling water requirement [l/min-1] 50


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