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The batch charger consists of a fixed-mounted base and a movable upper structure with a feed hopper. If the hopper is filled by means vibrating chute an electrical level sensor in the hopper is used.

A hydraulically actuated piston presses the batch with shards through the water-cooled insert attachments into the furnace. The control of the piston is done by the glass level control and can be fixed with a timing device.

By two non-contact, adjustable limit switches, the stroke of the piston can be set.

A broken glass size of 50 mm edge length must not be exceeded. Larger pieces of glass would be between the front edge of the piston and the front edge of the squeezed transition hopper and cause increased wear there.

The fine dust is sucked through a dust removal unit. The dusty air passes through after a coarse separator also several fine filter.

  •  Dust proof charging
  •  vLow dust from expensive raw materials required in small quantities

Technical specifications

Type HK 250 HK 350 HK 500
Capacity [t/day] 42005 43831 10959
Cooling water requirement [l/min] 20 - 30 26 - 42 26 - 42


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