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The HORN screw charger mainly consists of the main frame, a feeding hopper and the water cooled screw with housing. If the raw materials are filled directly from the furnace day hopper in the charger, the feeding hopper may serve as a transition piece between the day hopper and the charging screw. The mixture from the day hopper can also be transported via a chute to the feeding hopper. To control the chute between day batch hopper and feeding hopper a level sensor is installed in the feeding hopper.

The feeding hopper spread the batch mixture evenly over the screw which transports the mixture to the front into the furnace. The screw is housed completely closed in order to avoid evaporation of any cost intensive raw materials. The end piece is water cooled and installed in the refractory material opening at the furnace. To avoid any slip out of the screw housing from the doghouse opening a fixing ring together with insulation material is placed between screw housing and refractory material. The ring is fixed by screws to the batch charger.

Feeding hopper and screw are mounted on a main frame which is movable for easy withdraw in case of any malfunction.

  •  Dust proof charging
  •  Reliable and solid construction
  •  Low dust from expensive raw materials required in small quantities

Technical specifications

Type HS 170 HS 200 HS 250
Capacity [t/day] 42005 12785 18264
Cooling water requirement [l/min] 20 - 27 24 - 30 30 - 36


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