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Due to the high flexibility and the low energy consumption the regenerative End Fired Furnace is the most used type of furnace for container glass, table ware, cosmetic glass, pharmaceutical glass, sheet glass, solar glass, sodium-silicate glass, tubing and lightning glass. It´s melting range is normally from 50 – 400 t/d. Even furnaces with 635 t/d are already designed by HORN.

According to the glass quality, furnace capacity, raw material specifications and the type of glass each furnace is perfectly designed and tailor-made according the requirements of the glass industry.
Regenerators can be equipped with different types of checker works and qualities to suit perfectly to the melting process and used raw materials.
The special know-how and long term experience are used to design the furnace port neck, tank superstructure, doghouse and burners to achieve the most economical furnace in terms of energy and emission.
A barrier wall incorporated into the melting end bottom and an additional step for a deeper refining area increase the flexibility and the quality of the glass.
The furnace can be operated with Natural Gas, LPG, Coalgas,  Biogas and Oil. Additionally there is the possibility to install special developed melting assistant devices like electrical boosting, bubbling system or throat boosting.


 low energy consumption
 low emmission values
 high flexibility during production changes
 high specific melting area load
 long lifetime

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