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The complete oil combustion equipment is designed on most modern computer stations with CAD. Special programs assist the engineers at the design and dimensioning of the oil equipment. On basis of the long experience of HORN only most reliable and durable equipment from special suppliers are used. Each station will be pre-assembled and tested in order to avoid time consuming and faulty assembly on site.

Following components are supplied by HORN:

  1. Oil burner accessories
  2. Oil reversing equipment
  3. Oil control and measuring equipment
  4. Oil safety and pressure control equipment
  5. Oil pumping and filter station
  6. Oil preheating

The reversing skids and measurement-/control skids can be supplied for single control of the oil quantity to each burner or as total control of the oil quantity to all burners per burner port.

Safety is most important during operation of oil stations. Therefore all the stations are equipped with safety valves according to DIN EN 746 – safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems in industrial thermo-processing equipment. The oil flow (min./max.), combustion air pressure (min.), atomizing air pressure (min.), furnace pressure und chimney suction will be supervised in order to shut off oil supply in case values going out of range.

HORN provides also the compressed air station to atomize the oil during operation of the burner or for cooling purposes during non-operation of the burner.

Further all the stations are designed with by-pass lines for maintenance works on equipment or easy exchange of them and the stations fit exactly into local situations in order to provide most user friendly equipment for the operator.



 individual burner control or total port control
 electric or pneumatic drive for valves
 firing with Heavy Oil or Light Oil
 Oil preheating with steam or electricity
 robust and long durability
 user friendly design
 individual design adapted on local situation
 conformity with safety standards

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