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Full electrical furnaces, Cold top furnaces, are normally used for production ranges of 5- 50 t/d. The energy input is at this furnace not done by fossil energy, but exceptional by electrical energy through electrodes. Whereby rod electrodes with specially developed and water cooled electrode holders from HORN, top electrodes or block electrodes can be used. The electrodes can be arranged as well in the bottom of the tank or in the basin side walls. A suitable location of the electrodes and wiring of them together leads to diminished corrosion of the refractories and longer lifetime of the furnace.

The batch will be charged by a HORN- Cold top batch charger through an open sidewall of the furnace superstructure directly onto the glass bath and forms an unified and closed batch layer. Melting-, refining- and homogenization process take place in vertically direction in the cold top melter.
Typical application of the HORN Full electric furnace is for production of Table ware, Fibre glass or Special glass (e.g. Opal).


  • no dusting of the batch through flame gases
  • suitable for special glass production with expensive, easy evaporating and poison contents in the batch
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