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Float glass manufacturing is not like the manufacturing of commodities like steel or plastic. Each of the production processes requires raw materials to be weighed, mixed, melted at high temperatures, formed into continuous ribbons, cooled and cut into a size that fits its use.

The melting furnace consists of refractory bricks and special shapes, support and binding steel, insulation, a fossil fuel firing system, temperature sensors and a computerized process control system. The design of the furnace is carefully made to meet the plant's specific gross daily glass production tonnage goals.

The insulation, special airflow features, and combustion air heating enable the furnace to operate at maximum fuel efficiency with negligible pollutant emissions. The furnace is sized and designed to provide high quality glass with the smallest amount of energy per ton of glass melted.        

The Float glass furnace can be operated with Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas and Oil. Additionally there is the possibility to install special developed melting assistant devices like electrical boosting or bubbling system.


  • high furnace capacity up to 1000 t/d
  • high quality glass for architecture or automotive purpose
  • low energy consumption
  • low emmission values
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