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The recuperative heated furnace is signed by the preheating of the combustion air through Recuperators normally made of steel as double shell type or tube bundle type.

By HORN specially developed air casing burners for an equal distribution of the combustion air around the burner lances are used in this type of furnace. The furnace can be designed as cross fired type or end fired type. At the end fired type system the waste gas outlet opening is located above the burners in order to have the flame in a shape of a horizontal standing “U”.
At the cross fired type the waste gas opening can be situated at the front wall as well as at the side wall.
The recuperative furnaces are normally used for glass melting between 4 – 60 t/d, in some special cases also up to 400  t/d. Typical note for this type of furnace is the low melting area load and low investment.
Typical application of the recuperative furnace is for production of container glass, table ware, lead crystal glass, sodium-silicate glass, fibre glass, tubes and bulbs.


    • stable combustion since there is no fire change as with regenerative furnaces
    • easy adjustable temperature profile along the furnace
    • less Nox-Emission than with regenerativ furnaces
    • lower investment costs
    • less space requirements
    • high flexibility during production changes
    • long lifetime
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