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A constant glass level in the melting end is a very important control component in the glass melting process. Glass level variations influence the steady operation of the furnace, and due to hydrostatic pressure, have a significant influence on the gob weight.

The high measuring accuracy of OPTIBEAM amounting to ± 0,10 mm allows for the precise control of the glass level together with all common charging machines. The equipment can be installed as a self-contained unit and can be easily operated via a touch-sensitive display. With the HORN OPTIBEAM all maintenance work, as well as adjustment of the measuring device, may be effected from outside during operation without any difficulty.

In it´s molten condition, glass forms a smooth, reflective surface. This physical characteristic is used for contactless glass level measurement via laser beam. The laser beam hits the glass surface at an angle of 10 - 20°. Depending on the glass level, the laser is reflected at different points on the glass surface and, depending on the reflection, reaches different points on the CCD line camera installed at the opposite site. In addition in front of the camera an infrared filter and an interference filter are installed to eliminate disturbing signals and to observe the laser beam signal only. The laser beam is shaped to a line, which is read by the CCD line camera. The measuring range of the camera sensor is -8.0mm..+8.00mm based on a CCD range of 0..5000 pixels => 2500 pixel for the zero point and 312 pixel/mm glass level.                

The camera evaluates this raw signal and converts it to a specified norm signal of 4..20mA / 0..10V DC which is then relayed to an evaluation unit.

The evaluation unit consists of a closed industrial PC with IP65 protection class. All function card inputs and outputs for laser and digital cards are integrated. The PC can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or installed in a control cabinet.

Stand alone version

  • PC stand on mounting frame
  • fixing on walls with free angle
  • cable connection indirectly ontothe PC by clamps on the mounting frame

Integrated version

  • PC cased in adaption frame
  • opening possible at the rear
  • cable connection directly onto the PC by SUB-D plugs


Measuring accuracy ± 0,10 mm
Linear measuring range 10 / 16 mm
Max. measured length approx. 5 m
Required opening Diameter of approx. 80 mm for laser  beam or gap of 80 x 50 mm
Evaluation unit Industrial PC with menu-driven surface
Output signal 4 – 20 mA for control or others


  •  precise measuring of glass level by +/- 0,1 mm
  •  rare service intervals, only for cleaning openings and protection glasses
  •  contactless measuring
  •  integrated glass level controller
  •  laser and camera protected in water cooled housings
  •  easy to operate with touch-sensitive display
  •  based on Windows 2000
  •  storing of historical data on Microsoft software and transfer
  •  vvia USB stick
  •  data compensation for external influences from the plant,
     such as vibration from processing machines
  •  installation at distributor, forehearth or   tank
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