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HORN provides complete measurement and control equipment for the melting tank, distributor and forehearths. The complete equipment is designed on most modern computer stations with E-plan software. This program assists the engineers at the design and dimensioning of the control equipment. On basis of the long experience of HORN only most reliable and durable equipment from special suppliers, e.g. Siemens are used. All the control cabinets will be pre-assembled and tested in order to avoid time consuming and faulty assembly on site.

HORN offers functional units for miscellaneous requirements, primarily:

  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Furnace pressure measurement and control
  • Glass level measurement and control
  • PLC control unit
  • MCC (Motor Control Cabinet) and -electronic within the low voltage range
  • SCADA - Computer supervisory system
  • UPS – Power unit

 For the controlling of the complex technological glass melting process, HORN has developed a four-level operational concept:

  • Process supervision and visualization
  • PLC - levels with independent operating units
  • Back-up hardware levels
  • Manual operation level

The aim is to display technical parameters in the clearest and most user-friendly way and at the same time achieve the highest possible safety level. Moreover the control system determines the plant´s financial feasibility as well as the quality of the glass produced. For this HORN provide the most modern control equipment and visualization software to supervise and optimize the glass melting process.

  • Individual designed control cabinets
  • equipment adapted to local network conditions
  • control components from Siemens, Honeywell, Allen Bradley / Rockwell, ABB, Eurotherm, AEG
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in our company

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Measurement and control equipmentMeasurement and control equipment


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