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The HORN industrial burner type CCB is a specially designed burner with a heat resistant steel casing for hot air up to 450 °C. The entire combustion air is force-supplied to the burner by air fans. The industrial burner can be operated with all types of gas (natural gas, LPG air mixture, and biogas) and all types of oil (heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil). The casing will therefore only be equipped with a special burner lance:

  • natural gas lance
  • Multi Oil Burner MOB for all types of oil

Therefore the HORN CCB industrial burner is especially suited for heating in distributor channels because of its robustness and simple construction.

Model                  Output in KW                         Gas quantity
CCB-40                      100 kW                                   10 m³n/h
CCB-65                      300 kW                                   30 m³n/h
CCB-80                      450 kW                                   45 m³n/h
CCB-100                    750 kW                                   75 m³n/h
CCB-125                  1100 kW                                 100 m³n/h

  •  used for heating of distributor channels or working tanks
  •  suitable for hot air up to 450 °C
  •  firing with oil or gas
  •  , heat resistant steel 
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